The JBCC believes that it is important to keep building industry participants/ stakeholders fully informed on the development, interpretation and application of its contract documentation. The JBCC Advisory Notes are designed not only to address specific contractual elements in greater detail than is possible to set out in the documents but also to assist users in the execution of their respective roles in terms of the contract. Notwithstanding the care and attention that has been put into the JBCC documents it is accepted that updating and supplementation will be required from time to time. To release an addendum or new edition of a document each time a modification is thought necessary would cause confusion to users and be uneconomic. The use of Advisory Notes to convey better understanding of the problem areas and new thinking is a practical solution to keep interested parties informed and up to date.

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JBCC Advisory Notes 2023

The impact of load shedding on the construction industry

March 2023

Administering Extension of Time for Practical Completion

April 2023

Adjudication as an alternative dispute resolution process

June 2023

JBCC Advisory Notes Edition 6.2

16.0 Direct Contractors

December 2019

 17.0 Contract Instructions – oral instructions

December 2019

24.0 Penalty for Late or Non-completion – VAT

January 2020

30.0 Dispute Resolution – Appointment of adjudicator/arbitrator

February 2020

25.0 Payment – Suspension

February 2020

23.0 Revision of the date for practical completion – Weather

March 2020

23.0 Revision of the date for practical completion – Coronavirus

March 2020

22.0 Latent defects liability period – Transfer of ownership

April 2020

19.0 Practical Completion – Deeming provisions

May 2020

25.0 Payment – Unfixed materials

June 2020

17.0 Acceleration

July 2020

15.0 Selected Subcontractors – Appointment

August 2020

1.0 Definitions and Interpretation – Advance Payment

September 2020

1.0 Definitions and Interpretation – “Lump sum agreement”

October 2020


1.0 Definitions and Interpretation – “Interest”

November 2020

21.0 Defects liability period and final completion – Defects before and after final completion

December 2020

7.0 Design Responsibility – “Nominated / Selected Subcontract Agreement”

January 2021

14.0 and 15.0 Preliminaries – “Nominated / Selected Subcontract Agreement”

February 2021