You can purchase and access JBCC Documents in one of two ways.

Pay-As-You-Go  (Non-Subscribers)

Registered Users can purchase Documents using a credit a Credit or Debit Card at any time, day or night 24/7.

e-JBCC Subscribers

Registered Users who wish to become Subscribers are required to complete a Subscription Order Form. Once your Order Form is submitted it will be processed (within 1 working day), you are then required to Login using your Registered User Name and Password and then purchase e-CLOUD Credits using a credit card or by EFT. With these credits, you can then create, complete, collaborate, print and download the JBCC Documents as well as Documents within the other Document Suites. An option to Subscribe Online is also available.

Click on the e-JBCC Logo to purchase JBCC Documents on-line, to obtain information about the subscription services and to login as a subscriber.

For all queries pertaining to the Electronic Service please contact:
Contracts on Demand – Tel: 010 010 7588.