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The Joint Building Contracts Committee® NPC as the author of the JBCC® suite of building contracts invites you to attend an interactive virtual seminar on the appropriate application of the 2018 JBCC® Edition 6.2 Principal Building and N/S Subcontract Agreements, and its supporting documentation, with reference to the 2018 JBCC® Edition 5.2 Minor Works Agreement and the requirements applicable to Organs of State contracts. In addition, the two new 2020 JBCC® contracts, the Small and Simple Works Contract and the Direct Contractor’s Contract, will be introduced.

For information on seminars regarding the Principal Building Agreement, the Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement and the Minor Works Agreement as well as contract administration methods, please email the JBCC at info@jbcc.co.za

Note: Attendance Certificates are provided to delegates for each seminar attended.

Upcoming Seminars


Principal Building Agreement and Nominated / Selected Subcontract Agreement

This seminar is the essential introduction to the JBCC contract documentation. The Principal Building Agreement defines the primary contractual conditions applicable to the document suite. The presentation is cross referenced to the Nominated / Selected Subcontract Agreement to illustrate the working relationship between the contractor and specialist contractors. Developers, professionals, contractors, subcontractors and others related to the building industry will gain an understanding of the Agreement to enable them to competently administer a building contract. Delegates will receive a PDF version of the presentation and training manual notes dealing with aspects covered in the presentation, the duties of the principal agent, the appropriate completion of standard forms and a reference copy of the Principal Building Agreement and applicable contract data.


Corporate/ In-house seminars

JBCC® offers a limited number of corporate or in-house seminars each year and requires a minimum of 20 delegates at each presentation. These seminars are preferably aligned with visits to main centres. For further information please contact our office via email at info@jbcc.co.za

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