Termination of contractor of a JBCC® agreement – the employer remains in default after notice to remedy a default by not:-

  1. Giving possession of the site by the specified date [CD]
  2. Providing a Guarantee for Payment if specified [CD];
  3. Effecting insurances if specified [CD];
  4. Allowing any agent to exercise independent judgement;
  5. Appointing another agent, if required;
  6. Paying an amount due timeously;
  7. or where the principal agent fails to issue a Payment Certificate [CD]

The contractor must follow the procedures defined (time bars) in the clauses

Where the JBCC® agreement is terminated the contractor must:

  1. Give notice to each subcontractor of termination of the NSSA;
  2. Cease all work on site – except to relinquish a safe site t.o H&S Act;
  3. Remove all construction equipment, and on instruction any surplus material;
  4. The guarantees for construction end, the (advance) payment guarantees remain in force until outstanding payments have been made; Thereafter the original security form(s) shall be returned to the employer within ten (10) working days
  5. The latent defects liability period for the completed works ends;
  • The principal agent competes the status report – within 20 working days
  • The principal agent completes the final account – within 90 working days

See: 6.1P-29.14; 5.0P-38.1; 4.1P-38.1; 5.1M-21.8; 4.0M-16.1; 3.1M-16.1