(New in 2014 editions)

The contractor may suspend the works where the employer has failed to:-

  1. Provide and maintain a Guarantee for Payment – if stipulated in the [CD];
  2. Effect insurances – if stipulated in the [CD];
  3. Make payment in full by the due date [CD];
  4. Appoint another agent;
  5. Or where an agent has failed to act in terms of the agreement;
  6. Or where the principal agent has failed to issue a Payment Certificate

Note: There is no provision for the employer to suspend the works – this may be required where non compliance with Health & Safety specifications occurs… then issue a contract instruction = non compliance with the law

See: 6.1P-28.0; 6.1N-28.0; 5.0P-31.15; 5.0N-31.15