Defined in terms of the JBCC® Principal Building Agreement and the JBCC® N/S Subcontract Agreement as a nominated or a selected subcontractor appointed in terms of the N/S Subcontract Agreement by the contractor in compliance with a contract instruction for the supply and installation of work for which a provisional sum has been included in the contract sum [PBA-CD]

The N/S Subcontract Agreement in two clauses requires a subcontractor to cooperate with other subcontractors, the contractor and direct contractors engaged on the works – and allow other contractor’s access to the subcontract works where applicable.

subcontractor may recover expense and loss caused by other contractors

NOTE: The public sector prefers to deal with the principal contractor only – technically all subcontractors become ‘domestic subcontractors’, and by exception a ‘nominated subcontractor’

Note: The appointment of a nominated or selected subcontractor does not apply in the JBCC® MWA – where only “domestic” subcontractors of his choice are appointed by the contractor – he remains responsible for their performance’ and payment

See: 6.1P-14.0 & 15.0; 5.0P-20.0 & 21.0; 6.1N-14.0 & 15.0; 5.0N-20.0 & 21.0