SA Oxford Dictionary: State: the civil government of a country – used to describe building work where the government is the employer

The State must comply with certain legislation including but not limited to:

The Public Finance Management Act 1999 (Act 1/1999), The Prescribed Rate of Interest Act, Act No 55/1975);

Other requirements that differ from the private sector:

– The principal agent has limited authority to act as an agent of the employer
– The State does not insure buildings > additional cost to a project
– The State requires contractors to provide a Guarantee for Construction
– The State does not provide a Guarantee for Payment
– The State generally does not recognise n/s subcontractors = all ‘domestic’
– ‘Construction Period, expressed in months form the date of the letter of ‘appointment’ (not refer to dates to give possession of site/ intended date for practical completion
– DLP now 90 calendar days;
– LDLP now 5 years from practical completion
– mora interest, 9%pa (2014-08-01) (Prescribed Rate of Interest Act (Act No 55/1975);
– Final Account – completed within 120 Calendar-Days incl ‘time’ for employer scrutiny