Described in the preliminaries – to determine the date when:

  1. The subcontractor must submit a regular payment claim to the contractor;
  2. The contractor must submit a regular payment claim to the (PQS) principal agent;
  3. The principal agent must issue the Payment Certificate and a Recovery Statement to the employer and the contractor – who must issue a tax invoice in the format prescribed by SARS to receive payment … and to deal with VAT reconciliations to the employer, and n/s subcontract Payment Notification to each subcontractor(and relevant calculations);
  4. The employer must pay the contractor by the specified date (within fourteen (14) calendar days of the issue of the Payment Certificate);
  5. The contractor must issue to each subcontractor (with calculations) a n/s subcontract Payment Advice and pay each subcontractor by the specified date (within seven (7) calendar days of payment to the contractor);

* The principal agent may issue a Payment Certificate in favour of a subcontractor where the contractor has not paid an amount due = only by exception, on request, with consent of the employer

* Where the employer has made partial or no payment by the due date or where the principal agent has not issued a Payment Certificate by the due date, where, after notice to rectify such default, the contractor may exercise his lienwhere not waived / call up the security / give notice of suspension (and of termination, if no payment is received), or the contractor may apply for provisional sentence on a liquid document

* Where a creditor possesses a liquid document, in which in which the debtor acknowledges or is in law deemed to have acknowledged his indebtedness to the creditor in a fixed and determinate sum of money – the creditor can apply to court for provisional sentence for the recovery of money due to him without his having to resort to court