1. The MWA is for small simple works, often carried out by an emerging contractor … who may have limited administrative support … generally for jobs less than 9 months in duration and under one million ZA Rand. If any specialist work is required such ‘contractor’ must be appointed as a direct contractor by the employer … using ‘another’ JBCC® MWA form
  2. In the MWA the employer is responsible for all building related insurances;
    The contractor remains responsible for statutory insurances for vehicles, staff, etc
  3. Works may be described in drawings and/or Bills of Quantities
  4. Securities should be provided, possibly withholding a retention
  5. Claims for time / money: The MWA does not have a time restriction to claim / adjudicate a claim (as in the PBA) to keep it simple and not penalise a contractor

See: 5.1M-2.3; 9.0; 17.0; 20.0; 4.0M-2.0; 11.0; 13.0; 3.1M-2.0; 11.0; 13.0