(The list for completion updated/added to) issued by the principal agent to record ‘latent defects’ that have become patent during the latent defects liability period. The principal agent has an obligation to be fair to the parties to the agreement – the employer and the contractor

The principal agent must compile the three ‘lists for completion’ to be “exhaustive” – that cannot be added to at will. An exception is where the employer has taken occupation and something has gone wrong that could not have been identified earlier :a leak or similar, that must obviously be attended to

See: 6.1P-21.0; 5.0P-26; 4.1P-26; 6.1N-21.7; 5.0N-26; 4.1N-26; 5.1M-16.2.1; 4.0M-10.1-4; 3.1M-10.1-4