An entity appointed under separate agreement by the employer to do work on site (as part of the works) prior to practical completion [CD] Note that the employer is responsible for payment to a direct contractor, insurance of the direct contractor’s works, and where a direct contractor (or nominated subcontractors) cause a delay to the works;

The contractor remains responsible for Health and Safety issues on the site/works

See: Definitions; 6.1P-16.0; 5.0P-22.0; 4.1P-22.0; 5.1M-13.0; 4.0M-8.0; 3.1M-8.0


An entity appointed under separate agreement by the employer to do work on site prior to practical completion [CD]


The employer may appoint a direct contractor (using the JBCC Minor Works Agreement) but remains responsible for payments / default of a direct contractor and insurance of the direct contractor’s work outside the works risk insurance;

The principal agent must issue a contract instruction to the contractor to allow access to a direct contractor and provide other support and record such activities in the regular contract minutes;

The contractor is responsible for the actions of a direct contractor in terms of the law, and must make allowance in the programme, provide access to the works, and allow the use of construction equipment (in terms of the programme)– but is not responsible for the coordination of the work of a direct contractor or its quality