Acceptance of an offer concludes an agreement between the parties and brings a contract into existence … for specified performance, cost and time to be accepted within a given time period without variation. An offer must be accepted by the person who initiated the tender. Details are varied by either party constitute a counter offer. The principal agent is generally responsible for the preparation of tender documents and managing the process. The principal agent is not automatically empowered to enter into/sign a contract on behalf of the employer – if required – a letter of authority must be provided by the employer

See: 6.1P-3.1; 5.0P-2.0; 4.1P-2.0; 6.1N-3.1; 5.0N-2.0; 4.1N-2.0; 5.1M-3.1, 4.0M-1.8; 3.1M-1.8