The principal agent (and other agents) must guide the (sub)contractors to achieve the specified quality of workmanship/finish.

The (sub)contractors must advise the principal agent when the works are ready for inspection;

The principal agentagents must inspect the works within five (5) working days of notice from the contractor and issue either:

  1. A list for final completion listing all outstanding defects to be rectified for final completion to be certified;
  2. Certificate of Final Completion where all defects have been attended to satisfactorily – to the contractor with a copy to the employer stating the date on which final completion of the works, or of a section thereof, was achieved

The contractor’s obligations have been fulfilled; the final account must be agreed and be paid. The contractorremains liable for defects arising from the quality of his work for five years from the date of final completion – longer if a defect has occurred during this period (Prescription = 3 years from the date a defect is notified)

See: 6.1P-21.0; 5.0P-26.0; 4.1P-26.0; 6.1N-21.0; 5.0N-26.0; 4.1N-26.0; 5.1M-16.0; 4.0M-10.0; 3.1M-10.0