The (sub)contractor must follow the steps in clauses – giving notice of an event (series of events) that are likely to cause a delay and/or incur additional costs (the 20 working day period is critical, if the procedure s and the time periods are not followed, the claim is forfeited. The (sub)contractor must describe the event – show how this event has/will influence the programme / critical path = show calculation of additional working days + resources required (additional manpower and/or equipment to be hired)(within forty working days when you can quantify the claim) and describe what steps you have taken to prevent/mitigate such delay/additional costs

The principal agent must within 15 working days accept/reduce/reject such claim – if rejected, declare a disagreement i.t.o. the Dispute Clause

See: 6.1P-23.0+26.0; 5.0P-29.0+ 32.0; 4.1P-29.0+32.0; 6.1N-23.0+26.0; 5.0N-29.0+ 32.0; 4.1N-29.0+32.0; 5.1M-20.0; 4.0M-14.0; 3.1M-14.0