The principal agent must administer the agreement etc including the revision of the date for practical completionand the adjustment of the contract value – without interference from the employer – who should be kept in the loop as matter of courtesy. The contractor must submit a detailed claim for all relevant events – assuming these are interlinked and could possibly not be identified individually sooner – and that the principal agent assess the whole claim in terms of time and money against the effect on the programme as a whole – with reasons why some items may be accepted, rejected, or amended… in a manner easily understood by a lay person

See: 6.1P-23.0; 5.0P-29.0; 4.1M-29.0

CLAIM for additional TIME

JBCC® introduced the concept of ‘adverse weather’ from the 2007 editions as a means of fair compensation for the contractor (and subcontractors) where the project has been delayed due to such conditions … The contractor should apply for to the principal agent with a motivation describing the stage of the project – the effect on the works by rain / wind etc by trade – and the effect on the programme as a whole – including additional costs that subcontractorsmay have incurred and protective measures

See: 6.1P-23.1.1; 5.0P-29.1.1; 4.1M-29.0