In the spirit of empowering women in construction, the Joint Building Contracts Committee would like to host a one day webinar for women in construction as our CSI initiative. This initiative is a good way to welcome and acknowledge women in the role they play in construction today. This will empower women in the built industry to have a better understanding in the application of JBCC® agreements and contracts. The JBCC® extends an invite to all contractors and subcontractors in the industry.



The JBCC® is pleased to submit this proposal for a free webinar to support women in the construction industry in achieving a better understanding of JBCC® agreements contracts by providing training specifically on content for contractors, subcontractors and the difficulties they face in the industry. We have partnered with SAWIC, specifically work closely with the target audience the JBCC® is trying to reach.


The Objective

Need #1: To accommodate women and new (sub)contractors that are new to the construction industry as users of the JBCC®

Need #2: To broaden the understanding, application and interpretation of JBCC® agreements

Need #3: To tap into new markets

Need#4: As a great marketing strategy as the JBCC will be showing their initiative to giving back

Need#5. To involve designated groups to contribute to amendments made to the JBCC®   agreements/ contracts


The Opportunity

Goal #1: Train contractors and subcontractors

Goal #2: Grow the demand and use of JBCC® in the built environment

Goal #3: Grow volumes of JBCC® revenue streams

Goal #4: Generate marketing for the JBCC®


Technical/Project Approach

This seminar will be conducted online and will be approximately 3 hours long. The content will be specially designed for contractors and subcontracts in contract understanding and management for them to better deal with challenges in their businesses. All webinar registrations should be submitted 48 hours before the commencement of the webinar. The webinar will take place on Wednesday the 17 November 2021 still as an initiative to empower women.

The course content outline is as follows:

  • Importance of contracts
  • Roles of contractors and subcontractors
  • Conflict and Dispute Resolution


Presented by JBCC CEO

  • Feziwe Mpaku Founder & CEO of IGBE PTY LTD & Acting Secretary-General of Sawic&BE
  • Mr Rakesh Singh – JBCC CEO & member of the Society of Construction Law for Africa.
  • Ms Delisile Nyanda Founder & CEO of Lakeshore Trading CC & Treasurer General of Sawic&BE
  • Ms Priscila Monye – Master of Civil Engineering (Soil Mechanics/Geotechnical Engineering), ECSA Candidate Technologist
  • Paul Kgole – Director – South African Black Technical Careers Organisation (SABTACO), Member – Professional Client / Consultants Services Agreement (PROCSA), Deputy Chairperson – Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC), Councillor – Black Business Council (BBC), Member – CIBD National Stakeholders Forum (CIBD NSF), Chairperson – CBE Occupation Specififc Dispensation (OSD) Transformation Committee



The JBCC® seeks to be a great contributor to training women in construction, by broadening the skills of women with contract related knowledge which is essential that they can be able to participate with a better informed understanding of the construction/ built environment and therefore providing more meaningful input towards the growth of women.

  • 17th Nov 2021
    11:00 - 13:00
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