To provide the building industry with a series of contract administration tools of choice suitable for a variety of applications in English speaking countries


The Joint Building Contracts Committee® NPC seeks to provide (primarily) the southern African building industry with appropriate building contracts, implementation forms and application guides to manage the building process fairly and competently, by …

  • Reviewing developments in the business environment, legislation, trends in design, construction and management through industry representatives serving on the JBCC Technical Committee;
  • Publishing relevant sets of contract documents, ancillary forms and guides;
  • Holding regular seminars to inform industry users in the appropriate application of the documents related to efficient contract administration


The JBCC is committed to operate a business that is sustainable in future for people and planet.

The JBCC is committed to providing a safe, stimulating and pleasant working environment The JBCC is committed to developing all staff to achieve their individual maximum potential. The JBCC encourages a two way exchange of ideas and knowledge between Management and staff.

The JBCC is dedicated to incorporate environmentally responsible practices in its procedures, publications and presentations to minimise the impact of the business on the environment, where practical – using local (BBBEE) suppliers to reduce carbon footprint.
The JBCC seeks to combine meetings / choose relatively neutral locations. The JBCC for business travel uses of public transport where practicable.
The JBCC uses energy efficient equipment where possible.
The JBCC will continue to use 80g/m2 paper for standard printing throughout the business and ensure.
this paper is from a recycled source. The JBCC encourages electronic filing where practicable, and recycles paper, ink cartridges, cartons, cardboard, tins, glass and confidential waste.

The JBCC is committed to providing its publications free of charge to final year students in the various building related fields at South African tertiary institutions.
The JBCC is committed to helping emerging firms and allied trades improve their environmental impact.

The JBCC seeks to develop & provide a high quality product of choice at a fair price – Intellectual property in the form of printed documents and educational material – to the end user.
The JBCC supports its products through an @mail query service and regular public training seminars.

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